black & blue, refreshed & new.

To modernize the previous OIKOS branding and packaging, we created a mindful — and compelling —
master brand identity. Shifting to a more contemporary and sophisticated hue, dimensionalized logo, and streamlined architecture, we set the stage for future flavor introductions while increasing brand awareness and
sales for this premium package.

WEB EXPO_Oikos.png
Oikos RED_2.png
WEB EXPO_Oikos.png
WEB EXPO_Oikos.png

However, with the introduction of OIKOS Triple Zero, S² needed to depart from the master brand’s
color block in favor of something truly disruptive – black. Highlighting the product’s core benefits with
a unique, gender-neutral look and a bold simplicity, our solution really stands out in the over-crowded dairy case.

RED TZ_Line Up_D.png